1.1.15 VarBinary

VarBinary is a variable-length binary field, with a maximum length between 1 and 32,767.

VarBinary fields are used to store binary data. This data is not subject to codepage conversion.

Please review the general 1.1.1 Field Type Considerations.

Field Definition Rules

Rules for defining a VarBinary field in the repository are:


VarBinary fields may be 1 to 32,767 in length. VarBinary fields have no decimals.

Valid Keyboard Shift


Allowed Attributes


Edit Mask

Not allowed.


*SQLNULL. ASQN will be enabled by default.

Field Definition Notes

Usage Rules

Partition Type

RDMLX Enabled Partition


VarBinary fields may only be used in RDMLX Files. VarBinary fields may be used as real fields. VarBinary fields may not be used as key fields.

Logical Views

VarBinary fields may not be used as key fields.

Virtual Fields

VarBinary fields may be used with Code Fragment Virtual Fields.

Predetermined Join Fields

VarBinary fields may be used for lookup predetermined joined fields.

RDML Commands

DEF_HEAD, DEF_FOOT, DEF_BREAK, and DEF_LINE will not support printing of fields of type VarBinary. A FFC error will be generated if these VarBinary fields are used.

VarBinary fields are manipulated as if they are String fields except where sensitivity to their Binary characteristics will be incorporated.

Built-In Functions

When used in Built-In Functions, VarBinary fields are classified as their own types and are not valid for numeric or alpha arguments.

Special Values



VarBinary fields may be converted to character type fields. Refer to Field Type Conversions.

Usage Notes

Platform Considerations

Also See

1.1.14 Binary