1.1.16 DBCS Graphic String

A DBCS Graphic String is for use to store Japanese DBCS characters in Other files on an IBM i system. It is a type of graphic string with CCSID 300 encoding.

This type of field can only be created by Visual LANSA when loading an IBM i Other File into the repository. The IBM i Other File field is created as a Char/String type with pre-set Edit Code 'J' and a special Input Attribute 'SGRA'.

It is invalid for use in any Visual LANSA File.

Field Definsxcition Rules


Total number of bytes of graphic characters plus two bytes for the <shift-out>/<shift-in> characters. Each graphic character is two bytes.

Valid Keyboard Shift


Allowed Attributes


Edit Mask

Not allowed.



Usage Rules

Partition Type

RDMLX Enabled Partition


IBM i Other File

Logical Views

Not allowed.

Virtual Fields

Not allowed.

Predetermined Join Fields

Not allowed.

RDML Commands

DEF_HEAD, DEF_FOOT, DEF_BREAK, and DEF_LINE only support printing of RDML fields. Therefore, Char fields need to be converted to Alpha to be used in reports.

Built-In Functions

When used in Built-In Functions, Chars are valid for arguments of type 'A'.

Special Values



Refer to Field Type Conversions

Usage Notes