3.13 Import Table Definitions

Import Table Definitions is used to populate the LANSA repository with the details of Tables that are created and maintained outside of LANSA. 

Loading Table definitions is a necessary step that allows LANSA applications to access the specified tables. It also creates Fields that represent the columns in the tables, and these can subsequently be used as visual controls and variables in code.

If 3rd party table definitions change, it is imperative that the tables be reloaded to ensure that any LANSA generated code is operating with the correct definitions. Failure to do so may lead to data corruption or runtime errors.

Import Table Definitions presents a wizard style interface with Back and Next buttons to allow you to navigate easily through the pages. You open the wizard from the User Interface as shown below.

Note: Database type MSSQLS requires the Web User ID to have sufficient access rights to the referencing schema in order for the Web application to execute correctly. Access rights can be amended manually if necessary.
The Web User ID is in the format of <MyPC>\<MyUserID>, where <MyPC> is the PC Name and <MyUserID> is the VL User ID.

Further information

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