8.4.2 Methods in Expressions

You can now use methods of a component and intrinsic functions in expressions. For example:

Change #STD_TEXT To( #COM_OWNER.StringMethod( #ADDRESS1, #ADDRESS2))
Change #STD_NUM To( #COM_OWNER.NumberMethod( #SALARY ) * 2 )
Change #STD_COUNT To( #ADDRESS1.Trim.CurSize)

The syntax is:

#VariableName[.Features].MethodName[ ( [Parameters] ) ]

When parameters are supplied to the method, the MethodName must be followed by the left parenthesis that starts the parameters. No imbedded spaces are allowed.

When no parameters are required, the parentheses are optional but if you supply a left parenthesis, it must follow the name of the method without any imbedded spaces.

Parameters can be specified by position or they can be 8.4.4 Named Parameters.