7.103 RENAME

Note: Usage options

The RENAME command is used to rename a field in a file that is referenced by the function.

The RENAME command is most commonly used when referencing 2 or more files that contain a field with the same name but a different "meaning" or "value". By renaming the field in one or more of the files it is easier to reference the individual fields in all of the files.

Note that the rename only occurs within the function involved and has no effect upon the file definition or data dictionary.

The current release of LANSA does not allow the RENAME command to be used in functions that use the *DBOPTIMISE features. Refer to the FUNCTION command for more information about this feature.

Portability Considerations

Refer to parameter FROM_FILE.


Also See

7.103.1 RENAME Parameters

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7.103.3 RENAME Examples



  RENAME ------- FIELD -------- field name --------------------->


             >-- FROM_FILE ---- file name . *FIRST ------------->

                                            library name


             >-- WITH_NAME ---- new field name -----------------|