13.1 LANSA Object Names

It is strongly recommended that you review all object naming rules.

Object Name and Identifier relationship

Each LANSA object has two names – an Identifier (or object or short name) and long Name, simply called Name. In an RDMLX partition either name may be used to refer to a LANSA object.

An RDML partition only permits Identifiers (or short names) to be used. If your application is to be run on an IBM i, the identifier will be used.

The LANSA Editor has an option to show the Identifier on all dialogs. With this option selected, all Editor windows will display the Identifier (or object name).

Where a LANSA Guide uses the term "object name", either a long name or an identifier may be used and this is generally specified.

General Name Rules

Following are some general rules and guidelines that apply to ALL objects stored in the LANSA Repository:

Name (long name) Rules

Identifier (short name) Rules

For simplicity, it is strongly recommended that you use only characters A to Z and 1 to 9 in LANSA object names. Using special characters (#, _, @, $, etc.) are allowed in some object names but may have portability and other impacts.

     The following rules apply to both physical and logical file identifiers:

Identifier Platform Considerations