7.129 WEB_MAP

Note: Usage options

Once you have declared a WEBROUTINE, you can map its incoming and outgoing fields and lists by using the WEB_MAP statement. A WEBROUTINE can have multiple WEB_MAP statements.

In addition to specifying WEB_MAPs inside WEBROUTINE blocks, you are allowed to declare WEB_MAPs inside a BEGIN_COM block of a WAM. This technique allows you to map fields and lists into every WEBROUTINE in your WAM without having to explicitly define WEB_MAPS in each WEBROUTINE.

Also See

7.129.1 WEB_MAP Parameters

7.129.2 WEB_MAP Examples





    WEB_MAP ------ FOR -------*INPUT ----------------------------->       




               >---FIELDS----- field names   attributes----------->       

                               list name                                  






               >-- OPTIONS ---- *PERSISTS ------------------------->