Visual LANSA Component Classes
Class NameNameDescription
PRIM_ACACArray Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_ACITArray Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_ACOLArray CollectionSequential collection of objects accessible via an index
PRIM_ALPHStringString data class
PRIM_ANIM.AnimationItemAnimation ItemComponent piece of an animation
PRIM_ANIM.HeightHeight AnimationAnimate a change of height
PRIM_ANIM.MoveMove AnimationMove a control the specified number of pixels
PRIM_ANIM.MoveFromMoveFrom AnimationMove a control from the specified position to the current position
PRIM_ANIM.MoveToMoveTo AnimationMove a control to the specified position from the current position
PRIM_ANIM.OpacityOpacity AnimationAnimate a change of opacity
PRIM_ANIM.RotateRotate AnimationAnimate a change of rotation
PRIM_ANIM.ScaleScale AnimationAnimate a change of scale
PRIM_ANIM.SkewSkew AnimationAnimate the skew of a control
PRIM_ANIM.StyleStyle AnimationAnimates a change of style
PRIM_ANIM.TableLayoutItemTable Layout Item AnimationAnimation the properties of a table layout item
PRIM_ANIM.TransitionTransition AnimationAnimate the transition of two controls
PRIM_ANIM.VisibilityVisibility AnimationAnimate the visibility of a control
PRIM_ANIM.WidthWidth AnimationAnimate a change of width
PRIM_APPApplication ObjectApplication object
PRIM_APP.IHelpHandlerHelpHandler InterfaceUser defined help handler interface used to replace inbuilt F1 handling
PRIM_APP.ITraceHandlerTraceHandler InterfaceTrace Handler Interface for user defined tracing
PRIM_APP.ServicesContextServices ContextLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_APP.ServicesManagerServices ManagerLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_APP.ServicesOperationServices OperationLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_APP.ServicesRequestServices RequestLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_APP.ServicesResponseServices ResponseLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_APPLDesktop Application ObjectDesktop application component
PRIM_APPL.ICommonDialogColorColor DialogWindows color dialog
PRIM_APPL.ICommonDialogFileOpenOpen File DialogWindows File Open dialog
PRIM_APPL.ICommonDialogFileSaveSave File DialogWindows File Save dialog
PRIM_APPL.ICommonDialogFolderBrowseFolder Browser DialogWindows folder browser dialog
PRIM_APPL.IDragDropFilePathsFilePaths InterfaceDrag and drop filePaths interface
PRIM_APPL.IMonitorMonitorWindows monitor
PRIM_APPL.IMonitorsMonitorsCollection of the available monitors
PRIM_ATLIAttachment Layout ItemDefines the behavior of the control being laid out
PRIM_ATLMAttachment Layout ManagerAttachment Layout Manager
PRIM_ATTRAttribute BaseAttribute base
PRIM_ATTR.AttributeOneAttribute OneLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_ATTR.AttributeThreeAttribute ThreeLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_ATTR.AttributeTwoAttribute TwoLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_ATTR.AttributeUsageAttribute UsageLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_ATTR.AX_CLASSActiveX AttributeActiveX Attribute
PRIM_ATTR.AX_EVT_INTERFACEActiveX Event Interface AttributeActiveX Event Interface Attribute
PRIM_ATTR.AX_EVT_MEMBERActiveX Event Member AttributeActiveX Event Member Attribute
PRIM_ATTR.AX_IN_INTERFACEActiveX Interface AttributeActiveX Interface Attribute
PRIM_ATTR.AX_IN_MEMBERActiveX Member AttributeActiveX Member Attribute
PRIM_ATTR.AX_TYPELIBActiveX Type Library AttributeActiveX Type Library Attribute
PRIM_BMPBitmapBitmap is an image file in the repository
PRIM_BOLNBooleanBoolean data class
PRIM_BOOKBookList of data shown as a book with user designed content
PRIM_BOOK.BookItemBook ItemItem created when an entry is added to a book control
PRIM_BOOK.IBookDesignBook Design InterfaceInterface allowing book to communicate with its design instances
PRIM_CAROCarouselList of data shown as a carousel with user designed content
PRIM_CARO.CarouselItemCarousel ItemItem created when an entry is added to a Carousel
PRIM_CARO.ICarouselDesignCarousel Design InterfaceInterface allowing Carousel to communicate with its design instances
PRIM_CBCECombo Box CellRepresents the a cell within a combo box drop down
PRIM_CBCLCombo Box ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a combo box
PRIM_CBITCombo Box ItemItem in a combo box created when an entry is added to the list
PRIM_CCOLCursorsProvides access to the standard cursors
PRIM_CKBXCheck BoxCheck Box is typically used to present a Boolean choice
PRIM_CLRCWeb ResourceThe abstract class describing the resource delivered by a webroutine
PRIM_CMBXCombo BoxDrop down list of values
PRIM_COACCollection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_COERActiveX Component ErrorObject returned when an ActiveX control produces an error
PRIM_COITCollection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_COLLCollectionBase collection class used to collect component instances
PRIM_CPSTContainerBase class for all component types that can be the visual parent of other components
PRIM_CRSRCursorCursor image is associated with the mouse pointer
PRIM_CTRLControlBase class for all visual controls
PRIM_DATDateTimeDateTime data class
PRIM_DATEDateDate Data Class
PRIM_DCData ClassData class base class
PRIM_DC.DurationDurationISO Standard Duration
PRIM_DC.GregorianDayGregorian DayGregorian day
PRIM_DC.GregorianMonthGregorian MonthGregorian month
PRIM_DC.GregorianMonthDayGregorian MonthDayGregorian monthday
PRIM_DC.GregorianYearGregorian YearGregorian year
PRIM_DC.GregorianYearMonthGregorian YearMonthGregorian yearmonth
PRIM_DC.IContextualSubjectiContextualSubject InterfaceInterface that allows a visual host reusable part to determine its current context
PRIM_DC.IDynamicPicklistiDynamicPicklist InterfaceInterface that allows a reusable part to control the contents of a Dynamic Picklist used in a field visualisation
PRIM_DC.IMonitorSubjectiMonitorSubject InterfaceInterface that allows a visual host reusable part to interact with other components via a monitor
PRIM_DC.UnicodeStringUnicode StringUnicode string data class
PRIM_DCACDictionary Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_DCBXExplorerShows files and folders
PRIM_DCITDictionary Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_DCOLDictionary CollectionUnordered collection of component pairs typically used to associate objects with each other
PRIM_DESNDesign ManagerDesign manager used to collect Design instances for a webpage
PRIM_DESN.DesignDesignDesign Class used to provide different layouts and appearance for different device sizes
PRIM_DGLTDraglistDraglist component used to configure the appearance of the drag and drop cursor and image
PRIM_DLBXBase Layout ItemBase class for all layout item
PRIM_DLGPRIM_DLGSimple modal dialog with shroud
PRIM_DTIMDateTime PickerDate and time picker lets the user select a date and a time
PRIM_DTVWBase Layout ManagerBase layout manager
PRIM_EDITEdit BoxEdit box is used for entering and displaying text
PRIM_EVDTDateTimeDateTime data class
PRIM_EVEFEntry FieldEntry field class used to display repository fields
PRIM_EVEMMulti-line Edit BoxMulti-line edit box or memo
PRIM_EVMCCalendarCalendar class for field visualization
PRIM_EVPElemental Visual PartBase class for all field visualizations
PRIM_EVPBProgress BarControl typically used to show the progression of a long running process
PRIM_EVPLPicklistPicklists defines the allowed values for a field
PRIM_EVSESpin EditEdit with up and down arrows used to adjust numbers
PRIM_EVSTVisual HostA field visualization that lets you embed a reusable part as an editor
PRIM_EVTBTrack BarTrack bar or slider used to apply a value
PRIM_FLBXGraphicBase graphic class for all image type components
PRIM_FLDField Data ClassField data class component
PRIM_FLD.DataTypeDateDataType Date AttributeSpecifies the date format of a numeric field for use in field visualization
PRIM_FORMFormForm is a display area representing a window
PRIM_FORM.GlassForm GlassProvides access to the glass features of a form
PRIM_FORM.TaskbarTaskbarProvides access to the Windows Task Bar
PRIM_FWLIFlow Layout ItemDefines the behavior of the control being laid out
PRIM_FWLMFlow Layout ManagerFlow Layout Manager
PRIM_GDCEGrid CellGrid cell
PRIM_GDCLGrid ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a grid
PRIM_GDITGrid ItemEntry in a grid
PRIM_GDLIGrid Layout ItemDefines the behavior of the control being laid out
PRIM_GDLMGrid Layout ManagerGrid layout manager
PRIM_GPBXGroup BoxBordered panel and caption used to visually group other controls
PRIM_GRCLGraph ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a graph
PRIM_GRIDGridData in table format
PRIM_GRITGraph ItemGraph item
PRIM_GRPHGraphData in a graph
PRIM_ICONIconIcon is an icon file stored in the repository
PRIM_IMAGImageShows a picture file
PRIM_IMGEImageShows a picture file
PRIM_KBRDKeyboardThe keyboard component indicates if Shift, Alt or Ctrl is pressed down
PRIM_KCACKeyed Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_KCITKeyed Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_KCOLKeyed CollectionOrdered collection of component and value pairs typically used to allow objects to be found via a key value
PRIM_LABLLabelDisplays text and an image
PRIM_LBCEListbox CellListbox cell
PRIM_LBCLListbox ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a listbox
PRIM_LBITListbox ItemEntry in a listbox
PRIM_LCACList Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_LCITList Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_LCOLList CollectionSequential collection of objects accessible via an index
PRIM_LIBI.IBinaryStringIntrinsicsBinary String Intrinsic FunctionsBinary string intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IBooleanIntrinsicsBoolean Intrinsic FunctionsBoolean intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.ICommonStringIntrinsicsString Intrinsic FunctionsString intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.ICompatibleNCharIntrinsicsCompatible UTF16 Fixed Character Intrinsic FunctionsCompatible UTF16 fixed character intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.ICompatibleUnicodeIntrinsicsCompatible Unicode Intrinsic FunctionsCompatible Unicode intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IDateIntrinsicsDate Intrinsic FunctionsDate intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IDateTimeIntrinsicsDatetime Intrinsic FunctionsDatetime intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IDecimalIntrinsicsDecimal Intrinsic FunctionsDecimal intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IDurationIntrinsicsDuration IntrinsicsDuration Intrinsics
PRIM_LIBI.IEnumerationBooleanIntrinsicsEnumeration Boolean Intrinsic FunctionsEnumeration Boolean intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldBinaryIntrinsicsField Binary Intrinsic FunctionsField Binary intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldBlobIntrinsicsField BLOB Intrinsic FunctionsField BLOB intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldBooleanIntrinsicsField Boolean Intrinsic FunctionsField Boolean intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldClobIntrinsicsField CLOB Intrinsic FunctionsField CLOB intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldDateIntrinsicsField Date Intrinsic FunctionsField date intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldDateTimeIntrinsicsField DateTime Intrinsic FunctionsField datetime intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldDecimalIntrinsicsField Decimal Intrinsic FunctionsField decimal intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldFixedCharIntrinsicsField Fixed Character Intrinsic FunctionsField fixed character intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldFloatIntrinsicsField Float Intrinsic FunctionsField float intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldIntegerIntrinsicsInteger Intrinsic FunctionsInteger intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldIntrinsicsField Intrinsic FunctionsField intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldLargeObjectIntrinsicsLarge Object MethodsLarge object methods
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldLongLongIntrinsicsLongInteger IntrinsicsLongInteger Intrinsics
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldNCharIntrinsicsNchar IntrinsicsNchar Intrinsics
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldNVarCharIntrinsicsNVarChar IntrinsicsNVarChar Intrinsics
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldTimeIntrinsicsField Time Intrinsic FunctionsField time intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFieldVarCharIntrinsicsField VarChar Intrinsic FunctionsField varchar intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFixedCharIntrinsicsFixed Character Intrinsic FunctionsFixed character intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFixedPointIntrinsicsFixed Point Intrinsic FunctionsFixed point intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IFloatingPointIntrinsicsFloating Point Intrinsic FunctionsFloating point intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IGregorianDayIntrinsicsGregorian Day Intrinsic FunctionsGregorian day intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IGregorianMonthDayIntrinsicsGregorian Month Day Intrinsic FunctionsGregorian month day intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IGregorianMonthIntrinsicsGregorian Month Intrinsic FunctionsGregorian month intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IGregorianYearIntrinsicsGregorian Year Intrinsic FunctionsGregorian year intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IGregorianYearMonthIntrinsicsGregorian Year Month Intrinsic FunctionsGregorian year month intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IIntegerIntrinsicsInteger Intrinsic FunctionsInteger intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IIntegralEnumerationIntrinsicsIntegral Enumeration Intrinsic FunctionsIntegral enumeration intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.ILongIntegerIntrinsicsLong Integer Intrinsic FunctionsLong integer intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.INumberIntrinsicsNumber Intrinsic FunctionsNumber intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IStringIntrinsicsString Intrinsic FunctionsString intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.ITimeIntrinsicsTime Intrinsic FunctionsTime intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IUnicodeIntrinsicsUnicode Intrinsic FunctionsUnicode intrinsic functions
PRIM_LIBI.IVarCharIntrinsicsVarChar Unicode Intrinsic FunctionsVarChar Unicode intrinsic functions
PRIM_LISTListTree and list control supporting data entry and user defined cells
PRIM_LIST.ButtonList Button ColumnColumn displaying a button for each item in the list
PRIM_LIST.ButtonCurrentItemList Button Column Current ItemProvides access to the button for the current list item.
PRIM_LIST.CheckBoxList CheckBox ColumnColumn displaying a check box for each item in the list
PRIM_LIST.CheckBoxCurrentItemList CheckBox Current ItemProvides access to the check box for the current list item.
PRIM_LIST.ColumnList ColumnBase class for all columns
PRIM_LIST.CurrentItemList Current ItemBase class for all Prim_List CurrentItem classes
PRIM_LIST.DateTimeList DateTime ColumnColumn displaying date/times
PRIM_LIST.DateTimeCurrentItemList DateTime Column Current ItemProvides access to the Date/Time for the current list item
PRIM_LIST.DropDownDropDownDropDown List Data in table format
PRIM_LIST.IListCellDesignList Cell InterfaceInterface allowing a List to communicate with a reusable part being used as a cell
PRIM_LIST.ImageList Image ColumnColumn displaying an image
PRIM_LIST.ImageCurrentItemList Image Column Current ItemProvides access to the Image for the current list item
PRIM_LIST.ListItemList List ItemList Item
PRIM_LIST.NumberList Number ColumnColumn displaying numerical data
PRIM_LIST.NumberCurrentItemList Number Column Current ItemProvides access to the numeric value for the current list item
PRIM_LIST.PartList Reusable Part ColumnColumn displaying a reusable part in the cell
PRIM_LIST.PartCurrentItemList Reusable Part Column Current ItemProvides access to the reusable part for the current list item
PRIM_LIST.StringList String ColumnColumn displaying numerical data
PRIM_LIST.StringCurrentItemList String Column Current ItemProvides access to the alphanumeric value for the current list item
PRIM_LMComponent MonitorInforms a target field of the changing values of a source field
PRIM_LSTEEditor ManagerEditor Manager manages the editing of the column at run-time
PRIM_LTBXListboxListbox is a basic list
PRIM_LTVWList ViewList View Control
PRIM_LVCLList View ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a list view
PRIM_LVITList View ItemEntry in a list view
PRIM_MBARMenu BarPrimary container for menu items
PRIM_MCCOComponent ProxyComponent proxy
PRIM_MCIOInterface ProxyInterface proxy
PRIM_MCVCComposite ContainerComposite container
PRIM_MCVOControl ContainerControl container
PRIM_MDMaterial DesignMaterial Design control class
PRIM_MD.ActionButtonAction ButtonFloating Action Button
PRIM_MD.AlertAlertPopup message box that closes automatically
PRIM_MD.AppBarApplication BarApplication title bar
PRIM_MD.AppDrawerApplication DrawerPopup sidebar showing navigation options
PRIM_MD.BadgeBadgeNotification badge
PRIM_MD.CheckBoxCheckBoxCheck Box is typically used to present a Boolean choice
PRIM_MD.ControlControlBase class for for all MD controls
PRIM_MD.DateTimeDate time fieldEntry field used for entering and displaying dates and times
PRIM_MD.DateTimeFieldDateTime Entry FieldMaterial Design DateTime Visualisation for DateTime fields
PRIM_MD.DateTimePickerDatePickerDatepicker control
PRIM_MD.DropdownFieldPRIM_MD.DropdownFieldMaterial Design DropDown Visualisation for edit fields
PRIM_MD.DropdownItemDropdown ItemAn item in a dropdown
PRIM_MD.DropdownItemsDropdown itemsCollection of items in the dropdown
PRIM_MD.EditEdit FieldEntry field used for entering and displaying text
PRIM_MD.EditFieldEdit FieldMaterial Design visualisation for edit fields
PRIM_MD.FlatButtonFlat ButtonButton shown as a simple flat control
PRIM_MD.IconIconIcon control
PRIM_MD.InputFieldBase class for all MD entry fields
PRIM_MD.LabelLabelIcon and text
PRIM_MD.ListListSimple list control with inplace designable list entry
PRIM_MD.ListBadgeList Badge controlBadge that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListBadgeCurrentItemList Badge Current ItemProvides access to the badge of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListCheckBoxList Checkbox controlCheckbox that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListCheckBoxCurrentItemList CheckBox CurrentItemProvides access to the checkbox of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListCurrentItemList CurrentItemThe last item in the list touched either in the UI or via a list related command
PRIM_MD.ListDateTimeList DateTime input fieldDateTime field that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListDateTimeCurrentItemList DateTime Current ItemProvides access to the datetime field of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListEditList input fieldEdit field to be displayed across every entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListEditCurrentItemList Edit Field Current ItemProvides access to the edit field of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListFlatButtonList FlatButton controlFlat button to be displayed across every entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListFlatButtonCurrentItemList FlatButton Current ItemProvides access to the flat button for the current list item.
PRIM_MD.ListIconPRIM_MD.ListIconList icon item
PRIM_MD.ListIconCurrentItemPRIM_MD.ListIconCurrentItemList icon current item
PRIM_MD.ListItemList ItemList Item
PRIM_MD.ListLabelList Label controlLabel that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListLabelCurrentItemList Label CurrentItemProvides access to the label of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListRaisedButtonList Raised Button controlRaised Button to be displayed across each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListRaisedButtonCurrentItemList Raised Button Current ItemProvides access to the raised button for the current list item.
PRIM_MD.ListSpinEditList input SpinEdit fieldSpinEdit that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListSpinEditCurrentItemList Spin Edit Current ItemProvides access to the spinedit of the current list item
PRIM_MD.ListSwitchList Switch controlSwitch that is repeated for each entry in the list
PRIM_MD.ListSwitchCurrentItemList Switch control CurrentItemProvides access to the switch of the current list item
PRIM_MD.MenuPRIM_MD.MenuMenu container for menu items
PRIM_MD.MenuItemPRIM_MD.MenuItemMenu item to control webpage
PRIM_MD.RadioButtonRadio ButtonRadio Buttons show mutually exclusive choices
PRIM_MD.RaisedButtonRaised ButtonButton shown with a appearance of being slightly raised above the page
PRIM_MD.SpinEditSpin EditNumeric edit with up and down arrows to change the value
PRIM_MD.SpinEditFieldSpin Edit FieldMaterial Design SpinEdit Visualisation for numeric fields
PRIM_MD.SwitchSwitchSimple on or off control
PRIM_MD.TabPRIM_MD.TabMaterial Design Tab
PRIM_MD.TabItemPRIM_MD.TabItemControl contained in prim_md.Tab
PRIM_MD.ViewContainerView ContainerView collector used to organise views within an application
PRIM_MECLMemo ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a multi-line edit box
PRIM_MEITMemo ItemEntry in a multi-line edit box
PRIM_MEMOMulti-line Edit BoxMulti-line entry field typically used for notes
PRIM_MENUBase MenuBase Menu
PRIM_METAMeta PatternMeta pattern
PRIM_MITMMenu ItemMenu item used to construct menus
PRIM_MOUSWindows MouseMouse pointer
PRIM_MSGMessageRuntime message
PRIM_MSGCMessage ContextMessage context
PRIM_MSGQMessage QueueMessage Queue provides access to the messages generated for the application
PRIM_MSGQ.MessageMessage Queue MessageIndividual message as found on the message queue
PRIM_MSGSContextual Message SetContextual message set
PRIM_MTCLCalendarCalendar lets the user select a date
PRIM_NMBRNumberNumber Data Class
PRIM_OBJTObjectBase object, use it as the ancestor of components which are not visualized
PRIM_PANLPanelContainer for other components
PRIM_PCITPrimitive IteratorBase class for all iterators
PRIM_PCOLPrimitive CollectionBase class for all collection types
PRIM_PGBRProgress BarProgress Bar shows how an operation progresses
PRIM_PHBNPush ButtonPerforms an action
PRIM_PKITPick List ItemPick List Items are used in pick lists
PRIM_PKLTPick ListEnumeration of name/value pairs used to provide a set of allowable values
PRIM_PMNUPopup MenuPopup Menu
PRIM_PPNLPopupPopup panel
PRIM_PPNL.MenuPopup MenuPopup Menu
PRIM_PPNL.MenuBarMenuBarMenu bar
PRIM_PPNL.MenuItemMenu ItemMenu item
PRIM_PRCLProperty Sheet ColumnProperty sheet column
PRIM_PRITProperty Sheet ItemEntry in a property sheet
PRIM_PROPProperty SheetDisplays properties of an object
PRIM_RBBNRibbonRibbon control
PRIM_RBBN.AccessKeyRibbon Access KeyEnables keyboard access of ribbon features
PRIM_RBBN.ApplicationMenuRibbon Application MenuApplication Menu
PRIM_RBBN.ApplicationMenuContentRibbon Application Menu ContentApplication Menu contents shown to the right on the Application Menu.
PRIM_RBBN.ApplicationMenuFooterRibbon Application Menu FooterApplication Menu footer shown below the Application Menu and Application Menu content
PRIM_RBBN.ContextualGroupRibbon Contextual GroupGroup of sheets that can be shown as required
PRIM_RBBN.GroupRibbon GroupDivides a ribbon sheet in to sections
PRIM_RBBN.HelpToolbarRibbon Help ToolbarHelp toolbar shown in the top right corner of the ribbon
PRIM_RBBN.QuickAccessToolbarRibbon Quick Access ToolbarToolbar typically shown above the ribbon
PRIM_RBBN.SheetRibbon SheetTabbed ribbon page
PRIM_RCONConstructorConstructor component reflects a Visual LANSA constructor
PRIM_RCPMConstructor ParameterConstructor parameter
PRIM_RDBNRadio ButtonRadio Buttons show mutually exclusive choices
PRIM_RDOMDomainDomain component reflects a Visual LANSA domain
PRIM_REPMEvent parameterEvent parameter reflects a Visual LANSA event parameter
PRIM_REVTEventEvent reflects a Visual LANSA event
PRIM_RMPMMethod ParameterMethod parameter component reflects a Visual LANSA method parameter
PRIM_RMTHMethod componentMethod component reflects a Visual LANSA method
PRIM_RPPMProperty ParameterProperty parameter component reflects a Visual LANSA property parameter
PRIM_RPTYPropertyProperty component reflects a Visual LANSA property
PRIM_RTYPComponent typeComponent type reflects a VL component type
PRIM_SAACSorted Array Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_SACOSorted Array CollectionSorted collection of components accessible by index
PRIM_SAITSorted Array Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_SBMPApplication ImagesLANSA Internal Use
PRIM_SCACSet Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_SCITSet Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_SCOLSet CollectionUnordered collection of components that cannot contain duplicates
PRIM_SDACSorted Dictionary Collection AccessorProvides access to objects in the collection
PRIM_SDCOSorted Dictionary CollectionUnordered collection of unique component pairs typically used to associate objects with each other
PRIM_SDITSorted Dictionary Collection IteratorAllows the FOR command to iterate over collection of objects
PRIM_SIMGImageShows a picture file
PRIM_SLABLabelDisplays text and an image
PRIM_SMNUSubmenuSubmenu used for nesting menu items
PRIM_SONDSoundPlays a sound file
PRIM_SOND.FileSound FileSound File
PRIM_SOND.FilesFilesCollection of files for the sound control
PRIM_SPBNToolbar ButtonShortcut button on the toolbar
PRIM_SPDTSpin Edit BoxNumeric edit with up and down arrows to change the value
PRIM_SPLISplit Layout ItemDefines the behavior of the control being laid out
PRIM_SPLMSplit Layout ManagerSplit Layout Manager
PRIM_SRVMServer ModuleServer module executes on the server
PRIM_SRVM.HttpFormVariablePRIM_SRVM.HttpFormVariableHTTP Form Variable
PRIM_SRVM.HttpQueryParameterPRIM_SRVM.HttpQueryParameterHTTP Query string parameter
PRIM_SRVM.HttpQueryParametersPRIM_SRVM.HttpQueryParametersCollection of HTTP query parameters
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestPRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestHTTP Request
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestContentPRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestContentRequest content
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestFilePRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestFileHTTP Request File
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestFilesPRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestFilesHTTP request files
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestHeaderPRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestHeaderHTTP Server Request Header
PRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestHeadersPRIM_SRVM.HttpRequestHeadersHTTP Request Headers
PRIM_SRVM.HttpResponsePRIM_SRVM.HttpResponseHTTP Response
PRIM_SRVM.HttpResponseHeaderPRIM_SRVM.HttpResponseHeaderHTTP Server Response Header
PRIM_SRVM.HttpResponseHeadersPRIM_SRVM.HttpResponseHeadersCollection of HTTP response headers
PRIM_SRVM.HttpServerVariablePRIM_SRVM.HttpServerVariableHTTP server Variable`
PRIM_SRVM.HttpServerVariablesPRIM_SRVM.HttpServerVariablesCollection of server variables
PRIM_STBRStatus BarInformation area used to collect and show application messages
PRIM_STPGShortcut KeyShortcut Key
PRIM_STRPRIM_STRUnicode string data class
PRIM_STTCStaticLines and shapes
PRIM_TABTab FolderFolder with several tab sheets
PRIM_TBLOTable Layout ManagerTable Layout Manager
PRIM_TBLO.ColumnTable Layout ColumnTable Layout Column
PRIM_TBLO.ColumnDividerTable Divider ColumnDivider allowing columns to be resized at runtime
PRIM_TBLO.DivisionTable DivisionBase class for Table Layout columns, rows and dividers
PRIM_TBLO.HorizontalDivisionTable Horizontal DivisionBase class for rows and row dividers
PRIM_TBLO.ItemTable Layout ItemDefines the behavior of the control being laid out
PRIM_TBLO.RowTable Layout RowTable Layout Row
PRIM_TBLO.RowDividerTable Divider RowDivider allowing rows to be resized at runtime
PRIM_TBLO.VerticalDivisionTable Vertical DivisionBase class for columns and column dividers
PRIM_TBSHTab SheetA sheet in a tab folder
PRIM_TEXTMulti-line Edit BoxMulti-line entry field typically used for notes
PRIM_THMThemeStyles to be used as a base for the application appearance
PRIM_THM.DrawStyleDrawStyleA DrawStyle collects styles to be applied to a feature
PRIM_THM.SystemThemesSystem ThemesSet of predefined themes
PRIM_TILETileTile with user designed content
PRIM_TILE.ITileDesignTile Design interfaceInterface allowing Tile to communicate with its design instances
PRIM_TILE.TileItemTile ItemReference to the Tile containing the item
PRIM_TIMETimeTime Data Class
PRIM_TIMRTimerExecutes code at intervals
PRIM_TKBRTrackbarTrackbar is used to adjust a value
PRIM_TREETreeTree with user designed content
PRIM_TREE.ITreeDesignTree Design InterfaceInterface allowing Tree to communicate with its design instances
PRIM_TREE.TreeItemTree ItemReference to the Tree containing the item
PRIM_TRVWTree ViewHierarchical display of data
PRIM_TVCLTree View ColumnDefines the data class and behavior of a column in a tree view
PRIM_TVITTree View ItemEntry in a tree view
PRIM_VARVariantVariant component can be used to store a variant value
PRIM_VCOLStylesStyles collection
PRIM_VDEOVideoPlays a multimedia file
PRIM_VDEO.FileVideo FileVideo File
PRIM_VDEO.FilesFiles propertyCollection of files for the video control
PRIM_VIEWViewApplication View
PRIM_VPANVideo PanelPlays and rewinds a multimedia file
PRIM_VSVisual StyleVisual style sets fonts and colors
PRIM_VS.AppearanceAppearanceApplication Level styles
PRIM_VS.BlurBlur EffectBlur effect used as part of a style
PRIM_VS.BrushBrushBase class for all visual brushes
PRIM_VS.BrushColorBrushColorIndividual color component of a set of gradient colors
PRIM_VS.BrushColorsBrush ColorsCollection of colors used to describe a color gradient
PRIM_VS.DropShadowDropShadow EffectDrop shadow to appear around a control
PRIM_VS.EffectEffectBase class for all effects
PRIM_VS.GradientBrushGradient BrushBase class for all gradient brushes
PRIM_VS.ImageBrushImage BrushBrush used to apply an image as style
PRIM_VS.LinearBrushLinear BrushGradient colors following a simple line
PRIM_VS.RadialBrushRadial BrushGradient colors in a circular or elliptical pattern
PRIM_VS.SolidBrushSolid BrushBrush used to show a single color
PRIM_VS.StyleStyleStyle used to define foreground and background appearance
PRIM_VS.VisualBrushVisual BrushBase class for all brushes
PRIM_VSIVisual Style ItemVisual style Item is a style definition
PRIM_VSLVisual Style LanguageVisual style language
PRIM_VSSVisual Style SchemeVisual style scheme maps styles to objects
PRIM_WAMWAMWeb Application Module
PRIM_WDGTWidgetWidgets are user defined JavaScript features typically implementing a 3rd party control e.g. Google Maps
PRIM_WDGT.ControlVisual WidgetVisual Widget
PRIM_WDGT.ObjectWidget ObjectNon-visual Widget
PRIM_WEBWeb PageWeb page
PRIM_WEB.ApplicationWeb ApplicationWeb Application Object
PRIM_WEB.BlobReaderPRIM_WEB.BlobReaderReturns a BLOB as a Base64 data string
PRIM_WEB.ClobReaderPRIM_WEB.ClobReaderReturns a CLOB as a Base64 data string
PRIM_WEB.ConsoleWeb ConsoleBrowser Console
PRIM_WEB.DataRequestDataRequestDefinition of a SRVROUTINE to be executed
PRIM_WEB.FilePRIM_WEB.FileFile object selected using the file picker etc.
PRIM_WEB.FilePickerWeb File PickerShow explorer to select a file
PRIM_WEB.FilesFiles CollectionCollection of Files
PRIM_WEB.GeolocationWeb GeolocationUse the browser geolocation features
PRIM_WEB.HistoryWeb HistoryBrowser History object
PRIM_WEB.HtmlContainerHtml ContainerDisplays a fragment of HTML
PRIM_WEB.HttpContentHTTP ContentThe content of an HTTP request
PRIM_WEB.HttpHeaderHTTP HeaderHTTP Headers
PRIM_WEB.HttpHeadersHTTP HeadersCollection of all Http header variables
PRIM_WEB.HttpRequestHTTP RequestHTTP request to an external web resource
PRIM_WEB.HttpResponseHTTP ResponseHTTP Response Object
PRIM_WEB.JsonArrayJSON ArrayJSON array
PRIM_WEB.JsonBooleanJSON BooleanJSON Boolean element
PRIM_WEB.JsonElementJSON ElementBase JSON element
PRIM_WEB.JsonNullPRIM_WEB.JsonNullNull element
PRIM_WEB.JsonNumberJSON NumberNumber element
PRIM_WEB.JsonObjectJSON ObjectObject element
PRIM_WEB.JsonStringJSON StringString element
PRIM_WEB.LocalStorageWeb Local StorageAccess to the browser local storage
PRIM_WEB.LocalStorageItemWeb Local Storage ItemLocal storage item
PRIM_WEB.MessageBoxWeb Message BoxWeb Message box
PRIM_WEB.MessageBoxCaptionsMessageBoxCaptions propertyCollection of all captions in the message box
PRIM_WEB.PageWeb PageEmbed an external web page
PRIM_WEB.ResourceRequestResource RequestRequest to download a resource
PRIM_WEB.ServerRequestServer RequestBase class for all server transaction definitions
PRIM_WEB.SessionStorageWeb Session StorageSession storage
PRIM_WEB.SessionStorageItemWeb Session Storage ItemSession storage item
PRIM_WEB.SignatureWeb SignatureTouch sensitive signature capture
PRIM_WEB.URLParameterWeb URL ParameterURL parameter
PRIM_WEB.URLParametersWeb URL ParametersCollection of URL parameters
PRIM_WEB.WebPageRequestWebPage RequestRequest for a web page

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