Desktop Application Object - RenderStyle Property

Render style determined from the runtime parameter and main form

Member of Desktop Application Object (PRIM_APPL)

Data Type - Enumeration


The RenderStyle property is used to specify how the LANSA runtime will create and maintain the user interface.
This is derived from the RNDR runtime variable.
All modern LANSA applications should use DirectX (RNDR=X).
Originally, LANSA rendered the screen using Win32 features (RNDR=W). For backward compatibility purposes, and to allow a piecemeal move to DirectX from Win32, LANSA supports the use of a mixed environment (RNDR=M), where some forms and reusable parts can render using DirectX while the majority of the application uses Win32.
The RenderStyle property allows a some reusable parts and panel to run as DirectX.
As forms and reusable parts effectively defer to the application, setting the global runtime parameter is enough to change the runtime behavior of the whole application.

Allowed Values

Enum ValueDescription
DirectXEquivalent to RNDR=X
Win32Equivalent to RNDR=W
Win32AndDirectXEquivalent to RNDR=M


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