Book Design Interface - OnItemRealizing Method

Executed whenever the design enters the on screen portion of the control

Member of Book Design Interface (PRIM_BOOK.IBookDesign)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
BookItem*InputPRIM_BOOK.BookItemExecuted when the item design instance is realized, typically when the it comes in to the view port


The OnItemRealizing method is executed when the design instance is realized.
Design instances are realized on creation if the Book DesignCreation property is set to Immediate. If it is set to OnViewing, the designs are only realized when necessary. This allows for the overhead of item updating to be delayed if required.


Redefine the method in the design reusable part.
Mthroutine Name(OnItemRealizing) Options(*Redefine)

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Febuary 18 V14SP2