Entry Field - PrompterActivate Event

Fired when the prompter image is clicked

Member of Entry Field (PRIM_EVEF)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Form*InputPRIM_FORMReference to the prompter form
Continue*BothBooleanSet to false to prevent the prompter being activated


The PrompterActivate event is triggered when the user clicks on the prompter button.
If using a prompter form defined as part of Field Visualization, PrompterActivate provides access to the prompt form before it displays so that the contents of the form can be configured.
PrompterActivate can also be used to drive user defined prompting. Rather than relying on Field Visualization to define the prompter, the event simply notifies that the prompter image has been clicked.


In this example, a region value is being passed in to a prompt form to filter the items shown.
Evtroutine Handling(#CustomerID.PrompterActivate) Form(#PromptForm)
   (#PromptForm *As #CustomerPrompter).Region( #Region )

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Febuary 18 V14SP2