Keyed Collection - KeepLast Property

KeepLast specifies how many instances of a component are maintained

Member of Keyed Collection (PRIM_KCOL)

Data Type - Integer


The KeepLast property specifies how many instances of a component are stored in the collection.
The default value of 0 means that the property is ignored and no KeepLast checking is performed. In this case the number of items that can be added to the collection is only limited by machine and memory limitations.
The maximum value of the KeepLast property is 99. When an item is added to the collection that causes the KeepLast value to be exceeded, items are removed from the collection until the KeepLast count is satisfied again. The removed items are the items that have not been accessed for the greatest period of time.

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Technical Reference

Febuary 18 V14SP2