Datetime Intrinsic Functions - Max Method

Returns the latest datetime

Member of Datetime Intrinsic Functions (PRIM_LIBI.IDateTimeIntrinsics)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Result*Result (Optional)DateTimeValue of the latest datetime
DateTime1*InputDateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime2*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime3*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime4*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime5*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime6*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime7*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime8*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime
DateTime9*Input (Optional)DateTimeComparison datetime


Max compares two or more values, returning the largest.
Time ranges from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59


In this example, where Value1, Value2 and Value3 contain "2015-05-31 10:25:30", "2015-05-31 17:14:58" and "2015-05-31 14:35:00" respectively, the result would be "2015-05-31 17:14:58".
#Result := #Value1.Max( #Value2 #Value3 )

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