Floating Point Intrinsic Functions - IsNANorND Method

Test if a number value is NAN (not a number) or ND (not defined)

Member of Floating Point Intrinsic Functions (PRIM_LIBI.IFloatingPointIntrinsics)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
Result*Result (Optional)BooleanTrue if the variable is NAN or ND


Certain floating point calculations may return values that are not recognised numbers.  The value returned may be either an NAN (not a number) or an ND (non-determinate).
IsNANorNd can be used after the calculation and will return True if the variable is not a number.


In the In this example, if #String contained ?ABC?, the result would be 3
#Result := #Float.ArcCosine
If (#Result.IsNANorND)
   * Error handling

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