DrawStyle - Name Property

The name of the Drawstyle

Member of DrawStyle (PRIM_THM.DrawStyle)

Data Type - String


The Name property identifies the DrawStyle.
Unlike most components, where the name is simply the unique name of the variable instance, the Name of a DrawStyle is also used to define its use.
Most user defined DrawStyles will have abstract names such as Heading1, Subtitle or Emphasis. However, some names already have a predefined meaning such as PushButton, ListItem and ListColumn. DrawStyles with these names are automatically applied to controls as and when appropriate. The full list of predefined names is below.
This naming sytem allows for simple overriding of default behaviors. For example, if you define a DrawStyle called ListColumn and set the Fill color to red, all column headings will automatically turn red.

Allowed Values

Enum ValueDescription
DarkTitleAbstract - Fill:Theme700 Text:White
EditApplied to all edit basec controls e.g. Field, Spin edit
EmphasisAbstract - Text:Italicized
ErrorPopupApplied to contextual message popups
Heading1Abstract - Text:Theme900 160% of base font size
Heading2Abstract - Text:Theme900 140% of base font size
Heading3Abstract - Text:Theme900 120% of base font size
ImageApplied to all Image controls
LightTitleAbstract - Fill:Theme300 Text:Theme700
ListApplied to all list controls e.g. List and Tree View
ListColumnApplied to all list column headers e.g. List and Tree View
ListItemApplied to all list items e.g. List and Tree View
MediumTitleAbstract - Fill:Theme500 Text:White
MenuBarApplied to all Menu Bar controls
MenuItemApplied to all Menu Item controls
PanelApplied to all Panels
PopupApplied to all Popup Panels
PopupMenuApplied to all Popup Panels when used as menu item
PushButtonApplied to all Push Buttons
StrongAbstract - Text:Bold
TabApplied to all Tab Folders
TitleAbstract - Text:Theme900 250% of base font size
ToolbarApplies a toolbar background to the control
ToolbarButtonApplied to all Toolbar Buttons


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