Trackbar - MouseMove Event

MouseMove means a movement of the mouse

Member of Trackbar (PRIM_TKBR)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
PosX*InputIntegerVertical position of the cursor in pixels
PosY*InputIntegerHorizontal position of the cursor in pixels
IsAltDown*InputBooleanIs the Alt key down?
IsControlDown*InputBooleanIs the Ctrl key down?
IsShiftDown*InputBooleanIs the Shift key down?
IsLeftButtonDown*InputBooleanTrue if the left mouse button is down
IsMiddleButtonDown*InputBooleanTrue if the middle mouse button is down
IsRightButtonDown*InputBooleanTrue if the right mouse button is down


The MouseMove event is fired when the mouse is moved within the bounds of the trackbar.

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Febuary 18 V14SP2