Tree Design Interface - OnItemGotParent Method

Executed when a parent item is assigned to the item

Member of Tree Design Interface (PRIM_TREE.ITreeDesign)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
TreeItem*InputPRIM_TREE.TreeItemReference to the item whose parent was assigned


The OnItemGotParent method is executed when the ParentItem property of the list item is set.
Tree will hide and show items as required. The user is responsible for any indenting nested items.


Redefine the method in the design reusable part.
In this example the item is indented on the number of levels.
Mthroutine Name(OnItemGotParent) Help('Executed when the item "Parent" property is set') Options(*redefine)
   #TreeItem.MarginLeft := (#TreeItem.Level - 1) * 16

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