Visual Style Item - AlternBackColor Property

RGB color value or a LANSA specified color name applied to the every second item in a list

Member of Visual Style Item (PRIM_VSI)

Data Type - Color


The AlternBackColor property denotes the color to be used for every second item in list controls.
Colors can be a specific RGB value e.g. 255:0:0 for Red, the name of a specific color e.g. Red, or one of a selection of Windows system features e.g. ToolTip, WindowText etc.

Allowed Values

AlternBackColor has many available values. See the Feature Viewer (F2) or autocomplete in the IDE for additional information.

Allowed Colors

Enum ValueSampleDescription
Aqua RGB - 0:255:255
Black RGB - 0:0:0
Blue RGB - 0:0:255
Brown RGB - 128:64:0
Gray RGB - 128:128:128
Green RGB - 0:128:0
Fuchsia RGB - 255:0:255
Lime RGB - 0:255:0
Maroon RGB - 128:0:0
Navy RGB - 0:0:128
Olive RGB - 128:128:0
Purple RGB - 128:0:128
Red RGB - 255:0:0
Silver RGB - 192:192:192
Teal RGB - 0:128:128
White RGB - 255:255:255
Yellow RGB - 255:255:0

RGB Colors

RGB colors should be entered in the format [0-255]:[0-255]:[0-255]

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