DataRequest (PRIM_WEB.DataRequest)

Definition of a SRVROUTINE to be executed

Ancestors - Server Request (PRIM_WEB.ServerRequest) Object (PRIM_OBJT)


A DataRequest defines an instance of a Server Module SrvRoutine so that it can be executed.
As all communication with the server is via a webserver, most requests should be executed asyncronously using the ExecuteAysnc method.  Once submitted, processing will continue. The Completed and Failed events are used to respond to the completion of the routine.


Enum ValueDescription
ServerErrorAn error occurred when executing the SrvRoutine. Check the joblog and x_err.log for further information
SessionInvalidThere is no valid session available on the server.
LicenseInvalidThe server license has expired


In this example, a request is submitted asynchronously. When completed, the returned data is added to a list on the screen.
Mthroutine Name(GetData)
   Define_Com Class(#MyServerModule.GetData) Name(#GetData)
   Evtroutine Handling(#GetData.Completed)
      SelectList Named(#Datalist)
         Add_entry To_list(#UIList)


ComponentClassNameComponentClassName is the name of the component's class. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentMembersComponentMembers provides access to all the member components of this component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentPatternNameComponentPatternName is used to qualify the class of the component. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTagGeneric space allowing a value to be stored for the instance Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTypeComponentType gives you access to the type information about the component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTypeNameComponentTypeName is the fully qualified name of the component's class. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
NameName identifies the component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
OwnerOwner owns this component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ParentThe component instance to which this instance is attached. The visual container for a control or the collector of a set of child instances Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
RoutineName of the routine to be executed Inherited from Server Request (PRIM_WEB.ServerRequest)
ServerModuleName of the server module Inherited from Server Request (PRIM_WEB.ServerRequest)


CompletedFired when the Webroutine request completes successfully
CreateInstanceCreateInstance is signalled when an instance of a component is created Inherited from Server Request (PRIM_WEB.ServerRequest)
DestroyInstanceDestroyInstance is signalled when an instance of a component is about to be destroyed Inherited from Server Request (PRIM_WEB.ServerRequest)
DownloadingFired while data is being downloaded from the server
Loaded, Total, Progress
FailedFired when the Webroutine request fails
Reason, Handled
UploadingFired while data is being uploaded to the server
Loaded, Total, Progress

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