Web History - Add Method

Add an item to the browser history

Member of Web History (PRIM_WEB.History)


NameTypeData TypeDescription
QueryString*InputUnicode StringQueryString to be appended to the root of the URL
Signal*Input (Optional)BooleanSet to False to stop Changed event firing


The Add method adds an item to the browser history.
You can only add the QueryString portion of the URL. The domain and port etc., are simply a repeat of those for the current page.


In this example, every time an item in a list gets focus the details of an employee are displayed and an item is added to the history.
When the user uses the history to show a page, the URLChanged event can be monitored and the URLParameters processed to detect the employee number.
Evtroutine Handling(#List.ItemGotFocus)
   #Com_owner.Activate( #Empno )
   #Sys_Web.history.Add( ("Employee=&1").Substitute( #Empno ) )
Evtroutine Handling(#sys_web.URLChanged)
   For Each(#Parameter) In(#sys_web.URLParameters)
      Continue If(#Parameter.Name.Uppercase <> Employee)
      #Com_owner.Activate( #Parameter.Value.uppercase)

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