Web Session Storage (PRIM_WEB.SessionStorage)

Session storage

Ancestors - Object (PRIM_OBJT)


SessionStorage is the browser's temporary data storage area and consists of a set of name/value pairs.
SessionStorage is per domain meaning that all web pages can access the same set of data.
The amount of data that can be stored depends on the browser and device but is typically in the order of 5Mb or more.
SessionStorage is deleted when the browser window closes.
Storage items can be access directly via their Key or by iterating over the collection.


Iterating over the SessionStorage items.
For Each(#StorageItem) In(#sys_web.SessionStorage)
   #Com_owner.AddEntry( #StorageItem.Name #StorageItem.Value )


AvailableTrue if the SessionStorage features of the browser are available
ComponentClassNameComponentClassName is the name of the component's class. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentMembersComponentMembers provides access to all the member components of this component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentPatternNameComponentPatternName is used to qualify the class of the component. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTagGeneric space allowing a value to be stored for the instance Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTypeComponentType gives you access to the type information about the component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ComponentTypeNameComponentTypeName is the fully qualified name of the component's class. Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ItemProvides access to a particular item in a collection
ItemCountNumber of SesssionStorage items
NameName identifies the component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
OwnerOwner owns this component Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
ParentThe component instance to which this instance is attached. The visual container for a control or the collector of a set of child instances Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)


CreateInstanceCreateInstance is signalled when an instance of a component is created Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)
DestroyInstanceDestroyInstance is signalled when an instance of a component is about to be destroyed Inherited from Object (PRIM_OBJT)


AddAdd an name value pair item
Key, Value
ClearClear session storage
CreateIteratorCreateIterator method creates an iterator component that enables iteration through the collection
RemoveRemove an item

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