2. Web Server Up and Running

Before we go any further, let's make sure you Web Server and Application Server are correctly configured and up and running.

First of all, in the Visual LANSA IDE select Options from the File menu to open the LANSA Settings.


Verify your web server is running by selecting the appropriate Test button. Only the localhost URL is automatically set up - you will need to verify this is using the correct port.

You can also add a link for your IBM i web server or any other web servers used for testing if required.

The Test button will launch a Web Page xvlwebtst in your default browser with a url something like:

http://<domain>:<port>/<system name>/<partition>/xvlwebtst.html?lang=eng

The following Web Page should be displayed. Be sure to press the button to verify the Application Server is also running.

If the Application Server button fails:

If you still have problems refer to Troubleshooting.