1.2 Controls, Features and RDMLX Command Usage

Developing web applications using Visual LANSA share a lot of common ground with other Visual LANSA development. The majority of RDMLX commands are the same and many of the controls are the same as well. However, as Visual LANSA was first introduced in the 1990s, some of the controls, properties and language features are no longer appropriate for a modern web application.

Consequently, many of the old RDML commands have been superseded or don't apply to the web environment. Similarly, many Built-In Functions have been superseded by RDMLX intrinsic functions with the result that the USE command is not available for Visual LANSA Web development.

The LANSA Editor will show an appropriate message in the source should an unavailable feature be used, and similarly, when using the LANSA Designer, only controls appropriate to the target platform are displayed in the Controls view.