11.5 URL and URL Query String

The Web Application object allows access to the full URL and URL Parameters as name and value pairs. It also allows for monitoring of changes to the URL.

A Visual LANSA web URL is formatted like this:


The URL for the current page is published as the URL property of SYS_WEB.

#Result := #sys_web.URL


This could return something like:


To process any parameters associated with the URL requires processing name/value pairs. The query string, that is any portion of the URL following the "?" (which by the way is optional), is parsed and made available as a collection of items, each with Name and Value properties. Each Name and Value is separated by a "&". If the query string is corrupt in any way, only those parameters before the corruption will be available.

Evtroutine Handling(#sys_web.urlchanged)


For Each(#Parameter) In(#sys_web.UrlParameters)


  Continue If(#Parameter.Name.UpperCase <> Trace)

  Continue If(#Parameter.Value.uppercase <> True)


  * Set this to be the trace handler for the application

  #Sys_appln.TraceHandler <= #Com_owner