20.4 Reasons to Use Popup Panels

A Popup panel (PRIM_PPNL) can be created and designed in the IDE the same as any other panel. Similarly, it can be parented to another control and therefore can be positioned by a layout manager.

Popups can be really useful in web design and can be used to show signin panels, menus, messages and any number of other things. Some of the interesting features of a Popup Panel are:

TitleBar and Caption - allow the popup to be used as a dialog

AutoClose – when set to false the panel is effectively a modal dialog, preventing user access to the page behind the popup

ShroudStyle – can be used to mask the page making it obvious that action must be taken on the popup to proceed.

ShowPopup – includes a Transition parameter which allows for a variety of prebuilt animations to be used as part for showing the popup.

To simplify their creation, a Popup Panel creator has been added under Reusable Parts.