14.6 Just In Time Upgrade Recommended Settings

Upgrade Option
 (UPGD =)

New Versions/Patches is the only functional option for Upgrade Option. The latest Version and all Patches not currently installed on the Client will be downloaded and installed.

The alternate value of No Upgrade means there is no JIT processing.

Application name

The APPL parameter is included in the generated X_START file for the Package.  The Application Name is automatically included for this argument.

Locked upgrades
 (_upgrade.lck file)

During the install of a Package, a temporary file _UPGRADE.LCK is created in the root directory of the application being processed.
This file prevents different installations of the Application from running the upgrade simultaneously on the same PC.  The file is removed when the upgrade is completed.

If a lock is found during the upgrade, the application upgrade's behavior will be governed by the settings for the Connection failure action (UPCF=) parameter.

Refer to the Connection failure action (UPCF=) in Just in Time Options for details of this parameter.