8.7 Languages

The Languages dialog allows you to select the installation language(s) to be used when a package is installed. To open the Languages dialog, select the Language icon from the Package Maintenance Window toolbar.

The current language is used as the default language and as such is pre-selected.


The current partition languages will be displayed in the Languages dialog with the current language from the Visual LANSA log in screen selected by default.

When the installation package is built by the Deployment Tool, an Installer file will be created for every language selected via the Languages dialog. The resulting Windows Installer files are named by concatenating the application code with the version number and the "culture code" derived from these language codes.

For example, selecting English, French and Japanese for application D20A, version 1.22.33 will result in the following build output:


This will allow the installation of an English, French and Japanese application to be performed by the end user. Unlike different versions of an application that cannot exist as side-by-side installations, language variants may be installed on the same computer at the same time.

Undefined languages will default to English (ENG).