7. Versions and Patches

Before you select the objects and specify the settings and options for a Package, you must first create one by specifying the name and description (as a minimum).

From the Package menu on the Deployment Tool's main window, you can:

7.1 Create a Version

7.2 Create a Patch

7.4 Delete a Package

7.6 Check a Version or Patch

7.7 Build a Version or Patch

Check the 7.7.1 Package Build Log

7.8 Package Distributed

Additional options are available when the Package is open for editing or review, including:

7.5 Save a Package

Save a package as a template as shown in Create a Deployment Template.


Other 8. Options and Settings, to allow for the configuration of the Package.

A Version Install Package has a parent Version. This enforces MSIs being installed in the correct order, which may be important for database upgrade scripts to be run correctly. The Parent of a Version is the Version it was copied from. When creating a Version from a Patch it is the Version the Patch is related to. If the default Parent is not correct then edit the Parent.txt file.

Patches are no longer cumulative from the Version. A patch may be created from another patch. Previously the Version was always compared for patching. Now the Patch may be compared if that is the Parent of the patch. This allows significant patches to be distributed and then later patches be based on that patch which may only include a single DLL. This relationship between patches at build time is enforced when installing the patch. The target system must have the parent patch or a later patch installed.