7.6 Check a Version or Patch

From the Deployment Tool main window or the Package Maintenance Window toolbar, select the Check option. The Check option is also available on the context (right click) menu in the Deployment Tool main window.

This option is only available after you have saved a Version or Patch and before attempting to build. If you make further changes, the Build and Check options are disabled until the package is Saved again.

This is an optional step to perform before attempting to build a package. Use the Check option to identify any issues in the package, allowing them to be rectified before the package build is initiated. This can save considerable time at the package Build stage.

When you select this command, a series of consistency checks are performed in order to identify any issues that may occur when the package is installed on the target machine. Messages will appear in a message box after the package check has been completed.

  Important - Before attempting to build a package, it is recommended that you correct the conditions for all warning messages returned by this package check process.