17.1 Create a Deployment Template

There are two different ways to create a deployment template.


How to do it

1a. Manually define a Deployment Template

Selecting the Templates menu on the Main Window.

From the Template Maintenance request a new template 091-file_new_1 on the toolbar or from the File menu.



1b. Copy a Package as a Deployment Template

When you have created a Version or Patch to suit your deployment scenario, you can use this as the basis for a deployment template.

To do this, with the Version or Patch open in the Control Panel, select the Save as Template command from the File menu.

2. Create the Deployment Template

The New Template dialog will be opened to define the basic template properties.

Template Name

Enter a name for the Application in eight characters or less. The first character must be an alphanumeric character and the name cannot contain embedded blanks.

Template Description

Enter a description that will enable you to easily identify this template in the list of templates.

Press OK when complete. The Template Control Panel will be opened as shown in 17.3 Deployment Template Options & Settings.