17.4 Supplied Deployment Templates

The Deployment Tool is supplied with a number of pre-defined Templates to help you create Packages efficiently and accurately.  If you modify any of these templates it is recommended to save them with a different name to avoid your changes being overridden during future upgrades of LANSA.

All Packages automatically include Component Support and the latest runtime.

The supplied templates are:

17.4.1 XACTIVEX - Publish LANSA Component wrapped as ActiveX

17.4.2 XALONE - Standalone system

17.4.3 XAPPSV - Set up an Application Server without database for Just In Time Package serving

17.4.4 XAPPSVDB - Set up an Application Server with database for Just In Time Package serving

17.4.5 XCLTBIF - Client application using SuperServer Built-In Functions to connect to the data server

17.4.6 XEXPORT – Export internal definitions

17.4.7 XOTHOBJ – Deploy Non-LANSA Objects

17.4.8 XSRVNET - Set up a Network server

17.4.9 XSRVOTH - Set up an "Other" data server

17.4.10 XTRNAPP – Translation Application with Object Details for Translation

17.4.11 XTRNEXP – Export Object Details for Translation

17.4.12 XVLFONE – VLF-ONE Application

17.4.13 XVLWAPP – VL Web Application

17.4.14 XWAMAPP – WAM Application