Connect to the Required Server

How do you get the correct Server Name if your application has an Ancestor form that is inherited by all forms and does an automatic connection to the server using the CONNECT_SERVER Built-In-Function?

Note: The Routing Table lroute.dat is shipped with the Application.

The options available to you are:

1.  Use a separate system for development and deployment. This would cause you to have more than one Routing Table, allowing you to use a "fixed" symbolic server name. This option requires you to move the application to the Deployment server before it can be deployed.

2.  Create two Route Tables in two separate places. Before each Version creation, use the Communications Administrator to change the location of the route table to point at the table to be shipped. For this option, someone must remember to change the Route Table path before and after each build.

3.  Create two Symbolic Server Names (e.g. DEV and PROD). Modify the Ancestor Form to get a Registry entry that will indicate the system type, that is, DEV / PROD. To Set the Registry Value, write a function that is run with each install (after install command) to put the registry entry to indicate that this is the production system (PROD). This means that you could create one route table with both entries and have this installed on the target system. In the development area you would manually create the Registry entry with the DEV value.

Option 3 is the most flexible as it is possible to extend it further to support any number of servers.