12.4 SuperServer Application connecting to an IBM i server

In this scenario the database is installed on an IBM i server and the clients are installed as "fat" clients with the application DLLs installed locally.

To support this scenario create a single Deployment Tool application to be installed on each client. This will include the application's forms, processes and functions much the same as when connecting to a Windows or Linux client.

The IBM i portion of the application must be deployed using the LANSA for i Export and Import facilities. This will include the system variables, files (including message files) and their OAMs.

Client Package

Using SuperServer Built-In Functions is the recommended approach for establishing a connection to a remote system. For details on installing a Client application which utilizes SuperServer Built-In Functions refer to Superserver Application using Built-In Functions to connect to server.

The following settings should be considered and reviewed:

The following Options and details should also be considered and reviewed: