3.1 Deployment Tool Environment

The recommended configuration for creating Deployment Tool Applications is:

Development PCs

Visual LANSA slave systems are installed on the Development PCs for the ongoing application development.

A standalone system may be used if there is only one developer.

Master Repository

All development work must be saved to the Master Repository.

Deployment System

It is recommended to have a separate Deployment System, with a different master repository, to ensure on-going development is not inadvertently included in a package.

Application Server

The Application Server is a simple file server and as such does not require a powerful processor.

After a package has been distributed and tested it is ready to install on a Target PC. It is recommended to have a separate Application Server to ensure the package is not inadvertently re-built or modified.

If the Application Server is used for Just In Time processing it will wait for requests for upgrades from a Target PC before installing the packages on the Target PC as required.

If Just in Time processing is not used the package installation on the Target PC must be manually initiated.

Refer also to 3.1.1 Using a Workstation as a Server.

Target PCs

This is where the package will be installed and the application executed.

This includes PCs used for testing the package and installation process.


MS SQL Database License

Development PCs and Deployment System

Visual LANSA developers with a Visual LANSA development license are licensed to use the MS SQL database server software. This applies whether Visual LANSA is installed as part of a Network or Standalone installation.

Target PC

A separate license is needed for applications that are deployed using the MS SQL software.