8.1 Installation Options

The installation options, which are specified via the Package Maintenance Window, govern the behavior during installation and subsequent execution on the target PC.

For most of the installation options, whole groups can be ignored and the defaults used. For example, if the Just In Time feature is not going to be used, you can ignore that group of options.

Basing the initial Version of an Application on a Deployment Template will reduce the need to specify requirements even further.

Many of the installation options equate directly to specific LANSA execution parameters, so where applicable, the equivalent X_RUN argument is included at the end of the item's description. You will find a full explanation of X_RUN and these arguments in The X_RUN Command in the Technical Reference.

The default values for installation options are indicated enclosed in square brackets; for example, Language (LANG) has a default value of [Current].  DO NOT enclose your installation values in square brackets. If you do, they will be ignored and will default back to the Deployment Tool's nominated default value for that option.

The Parameter groups required are: