2.1 What's New in V14?

An outline of the new features and changes in this version of the Deployment Tool.

Cloud Deployment

The MSI and MSP files produced by the Deployment Tool may be deployed into Cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. These environments are designed to be easily deployable and scalable.

LANSA provides a virtual machine image, templates and scripts for deploying a LANSA application into AWS. Tools for deploying to other Cloud providers will be supplied in the future.

For further information, refer to Cloud Customizations and the Cloud Tutorials.

Support for new Web Objects

The new object types you will use with web development using Visual LANSA are supported in the Deployment Tool.  These are:

Additionally, you may note that objects for WAM development are only available in the Deployment Tool if your current environment is enabled for WAM Development.

Similarly, object types relevant to Web Event development (that is, Web Components) are only shown if they are supported in your current environment.

Execution Parameters Extended

Requires Elevation has been added in the Execution Parameters to indicate if the Application should be installed with Administrators Rights.

Templates installing the Web Server have been modified to have this value set as Yes.

Create X_Start Shortcuts has also been added as an option in Execution Parameters to indicate if shortcuts should be created when installing the Version.

Additional LANSA Features Extended

Two additional options are available in the Additional LANSA Features grouping.

Install Web Runtime must be included when deploying a web application developed using Visual LANSA.

LANSA Integrator Studio can be deployed as required.

Package Settings Updated

The options available in the Package Settings has been updated.

The option Component Support has been removed.  This will automatically be included in any Installer file.

A new option Deploy WAM Support has been provided.  This option will only be available if the current partition is enabled for WAM Development.

Template Changes

The templates provided with the Deployment Tool have been updated to reflect best practice and the latest features available.

New templates have been provided for deploying a:

Select the appropriate template for your Web Application. Any pre-existing Web Templates can be discarded.

Templates removed:

If you upgrade your Visual LANSA installation, you may still have these templates but they are not recommended for use as they use the SuperServer XRUN parameters for server connection.  The recommended template for SuperServer applications is XCLTBIF.

LANSA Root Folder supported for non-LANSA Object Deployment

The LANSA Root Folder has been added as a supported destination for a non-LANSA objects.