6.1 Create an Application

In the main window, select the New Application tool on the toolbar.  Alternatively, you can select New in the tree menu.



Enter a name for the Application in eight characters or less. The first character must be an alphanumeric character and the name cannot contain embedded blanks.  Applications cannot start with the letter X.

Application Description


Enter a description that you can easily find and understand when you have many Applications. It is also the name that the user will see when the application is installed. It can be entered as text or a multilingual variable. If the Application will be deployed in multiple languages, use a multilingual variable so that the language is appropriate for the end user.

This Application description will be used when installing and uninstalling the Application. Thus it is essential that a different description is used for each language if more than one language needs to be installed on a single PC. This is because using the same language description will cause some parts of the installation to overwrite each other which will cause uninstall and upgrade issues.

And it goes further than just each language needing to be different. Every application description must be different from all other application descriptions that may be installed on the same PC. In particular, Feature Set Deployment should ensure that no two applications in the Feature Set have the same description.



Select a Company to be associated with this Application.  To define a Company, use the ellipse button to access the Company Maintenance.   The Company and associated details are used during the build processing as well as during installation and uninstallation of the Application.

Refer to Set up Company Details for more information.

Press Create once you have entered the information to define the Application. You will be automatically prompted to Create a Version within the new Application.