20.4 Troubleshoot the Installation


All Deployment Tool installations automatically log their installation behavior to an MSI*.log file in the end user's defined %TEMP% folder, for example: MSI2ce4c.log.


When a Package is installed using Windows Installer File Install or as a 20.2 Just in Time Install, the installation process creates a log file dpinstal.log under the directory ...\X_APPS\<application>\<Version or Patch>.

If there are any issues or errors encountered during the installation of your Application, check the dpinstal.log file. Specifically check for warning or fatal errors.


If interrogation of the dpinstal.log does not identify why your installation failed, an additional trace file installtrace.txt can be produced by setting the appropriate X_RUN values.

For a Version Installer file the X_RUN must include:


For host monitor package installs the X_RUN must include:


The installtrace.txt  will be generated into your temporary directory.


This file logs the progress through the installation and may need to be forwarded to LANSA for interpretation.