Deploy LANSA Components published for ActiveX

When creating a LANSA application you may wish to make aspects of your application available to other development tools by publishing a selection of LANSA Components as ActiveX controls. For information on publishing a Component as an ActiveX control refer to ActiveX Wrapping in the Visual LANSA Developer Guide.

Deployment of these components requires that they are registered on installation and that a session configuration file is created for use when accessing these controls. These are the steps to deploy a Component, register it for ActiveX use on the target system and automatically create the session configuration file required for it to be executed:


How to do it

1. Create a Package

Create your deployment Package using the template XACTIVEX.  Ensure the Package options and settings are relevant to your application.

2. Add ActiveX controls

Using the Select Repository Objects dialog, select the LANSA Component(s) published as ActiveX controls and add them to the Package.

3. Modify the Execute after Install Commands

Open the Commands to Execute after Install.

Duplicate the comment line that has COMMAND : EXECFATAL and replace the xxxxxxxx with the compiled name for the component.

To automatically create a session configuration file in the Partition Execute directory: uncomment all the lines between the OPEN and CLOSE commands and adjust the parameters to match your installation. The configuration file contains X_RUN Arguments. The definition of each X_RUN argument can be found in the section Using the X_RUN Command in the Technical Reference.

4. Deploy your Package.

Save, build and release your Package then deploy as required.



  It is your responsibility to deploy the non-LANSA application using the LANSA component(s) as ActiveX controls.
A LANSA license may be required to support the ActiveX control if SuperServer functionality has been embedded in the LANSA component.