4.1.1 Main window toolbar


The options available on the main window toolbar are available on the package, and in some cases application context menus (from a mouse right click).


Create an Application.

Refer to Create an Application.


Open the selected Application, Version or Patch.

Refer to Open a Package


Delete the selected Application or Package.

Refer to Delete an Application or Delete a Package.


Perform a pre-build check of the selected package to verify everything required for the package settings and options has been supplied.


When the package definition has been completed, use the build option to generate a deployment image for the selected package.

View Log

Review the last build log of the selected package.


After a package has been successfully built it is available to be distributed. When a package is flagged as distributed this indicates the package is complete, ready for distribution (or already distributed) and should not be changed.

Review Objects

View the objects included in a package definition.  Objects directly selected for inclusion in the package can be viewed, or a separate tab details the complete list of objects including cross referenced objects.

The list of objects can be modified or saved to a text file.

Go to folder

Opens the folder containing the Application definition and related files in Windows Explorer.

Communications Administrator

Include or change a Host Route table for an Application.

When you first select the Communications Administrator option a single entry has already been added to the Host Route (lroute.dat) and Listener (listen.dat) files associated with the Application definition. These Host Route and Listener files can be modified as required.

Tools Menu

Items on the Tools menu are not specific to an Application or Package.


Opens the Deployment Tool Guide.