4.2.1 Package Maintenance window toolbar

Use the File Menu to save and/or exit the current package and return to the main window.



Save the package definition. (Ctrl + S)

Save as Template

Save the current package as a deployment template


Verify the package as a pre-build operation. (This is quicker than attempting a build only to have it fail).


After a package has been saved you can build the package based on the current definition.

View Log...

Review the log file associated with the last build of the current package.

Package Edit Menu

Package maintenance options not commonly used.

Repository Objects

Select LANSA and non-LANSA objects to be included in the package.

Package Settings

The Package Settings determine the additional processing that will occur as part of the package build processing. Each option selected will include or omit specific features with the package during the build.

Application Icon

Select an icon to identify the Application when a shortcut is created on the target machine during package installation.

X_RUN Arguments

When a package is built any X_RUN arguments defined will be incorporated into a start file.

The most commonly used arguments are covered by other options in the Package Maintenance Window, however, additional X_RUN information can be provided to change the behavior of your application at run time.

Commands to execute

Enter any operating system level commands you require to run before or after the package is installed on a target machine.


The Package Languages dialog allows you to select the installation language(s) to be used when a package is installed.

Web Designs

Indicate the Languages and Technology Services to be included when the package includes WAMs.

Files with Special Processing

Include Special Files with the Package.  These files are installed and special processing may be executed during the processing dependent on the file type and instructions.