17.3.3 Template Subset Appearance

Each subset of options in the Control Panel can be configured to indicate how, or even if, the subset is displayed when the template is used to generate a Version.   This is a very useful way to remove any subsets of information from the screen if they are not relevant for the template implementation.

There are eight subsets of options on the Template Control Panel:

To configure the appearance of a template subset:


How to do it

1. Modify Template Subsets

Open or create a template. Double click a Template Subset to review the definition.

For example, you could configure the whole subset Required Execution Parameters:

2. Review the Appearance default for the Subset

The Appearance tab allows you to control how, and even if, the subset of options will be displayed when the template is used.

Option will be visible and editable

The subset of options will behave as normal. All options, unless modified at an individual level, will be selectable.

Hide option

The subset of options will not be displayed when the template is used to create a Version. Any values for specific options in this subset will be applied to the Package but will not be available to be reviewed or changed.

Prevent changes

Options can be seen but cannot be changed.
The corresponding subset will be visible in the Package Control Panel, but the associated options will be disabled. Any changes attempted will be lost.


4. Save Appearance settings

To save the Appearance settings simply close the dialog and save the template.

5. Modify other template settings and options

Refer to 17.3.2 Template Option Values and Appearance.