17.4.1 XACTIVEX - Publish LANSA Component wrapped as ActiveX

This template assists with the deployment of Visual LANSA components to be exposed as ActiveX controls on Microsoft Windows.  It is assumed the target PC does not have Visual LANSA installed.

Several of the option groups have been hidden as this template is designed solely to publish an ActiveX Component.

The crux of this template is contained in the Commands to Execute After Installation.

The after-Package installation command processing

Pic3_warning background  The after commands must be amended to correctly identify the ActiveX DLL and modify the configuration file settings as required before un-commenting the associated commands.

The Package settings include:

If the ActiveX functionality requires database access you should also consider settings:

Pic1background  Component Support is automatically added and includes X_ActiveX.dll and X_RunDllServer.dll however these DLLs must be registered in order for LANSA ActiveX to be used.  This step is detailed in the After Install Commands in the template.  If installing under UAC an Administrative install is required to register the DLLs.

Other settings must be configured as required.

Refer to Deploy LANSA Components published for ActiveX for more information.