17.4.5 XCLTBIF - Client application using SuperServer Built-In Functions to connect to the data server

This template is designed to deploy a LANSA application that will connect to a remote data server using the SuperServer Built-In Functions. 

The SuperServer options group has been hidden as this template is designed to use the SuperServer Built-In Functions in the LANSA application to connect to the server. Some other option groups have also been hidden.

The Package settings include:

Typically the Communication Administration file (lroute.dat) will be included with this Package to facilitate connection to the data server.


This template may be modified for Just in Time installation.  To do this review the Just in Time options including:

Pic1background  Just In Time installs typically have the initial Version installed on the application server then each target PC would install the Application from this location.  Subsequent Version or Patches will be automatically installed on the target PC from the Application server when the Application is launched.