17.4.4 XAPPSVDB - Set up an Application Server with database for Just In Time Package serving

Pic1background An alternative approach for setting up an Application Server is to install LANSA on the Just-in-Time Application Server.  This will automatically set up the database and listener which are the basic elements required on an Application Server.

This template has the basic settings required to create a Version to set up an Application Server with a database for Just In Time Package serving.  It is an extension of the XAPPSV template.

This Package is not essentially a Just in Time Package but is used to set up the JIT Application Server. 

Install Listener is set as Yes.

Process to Execute (PROC) is set as *LICENSES to launch the Server Licenses interface as a reminder to request and apply appropriate licenses to the JIT server.

X_RUN Argument RNDR=X to ensure Server Licenses interface is executed as DirectX application.

The Package settings include:

The database options include:

The user is prompted to select and confirmed the database details.

Typically the Communication Administration file (lroute.dat) will be included with this Package to facilitate connection to the data server.

This template replaces XDLLSDB.

Refer to Application Servers and Deploy LANSA Communications for more information.

Pic1background  Application servers do not require a database to be installed UNLESS you intend to run the application on the Application server itself.