8.2.7 Configure the Non-LANSA Object Installation Path

Use the option to Set the Install Path to set up and configure the target directories where any non-LANSA objects are to be installed.


All non-LANSA objects added to the package are automatically set to install into the DFTPATH directory. The DFTPATH corresponds to the partition execution directory where the application is installed. It is recommended not to modify or delete this path.

To assign an alternative installation path, select the non-LANSA object(s) in the Object Viewer then use the Set the Install path option to select (and create or modify) the required installation path.

To create an installation path:


How to do it

1. Create or modify an Installation Path

In the Installation Path Definitions, select the path you wish to use or create one by pressing the Define a new installation path button to open the Other Path Maintenance dialog.

2. Define the Installation Path

In the Other Path Maintenance dialog, you can create an Installation Path, maintain Installation Paths and select Installation Paths for one or more objects.


Installation Path Id

You must specify a name by which to identify the path. The Installation Path Id must be eight characters or less, with the first character being an alphanumeric character. Do not use embedded blanks.

Installation Path

Enter your desired path as a free-format entry or select a path from the dropdown list of available paths.

Environment variables can be used to identify a path. For example: %ProgramFiles%\LANSA would be evaluated to something like c:\Program Files\LANSA. These variables are NOT validated so you must ensure that they are correct and exist on the target systems. An unmatched environment variable on the target system will cause the copy of the file and package installation to fail.

System Variables can also be used to create an extended path.  For example: *root_dir\integrator\JSMInstance\properties

3. Save the Installation Path

Press OK to save the path information. You will be returned to the Installation Path Definitions dialog.


The list of predetermined Installation Path Values corresponds with the following system variables:

Installation Path

Evaluated as

Partition Execute Directory


Partition Object Directory


Partition Source Directory


Partition Directory


Partition Drive


System Execute Directory


System Object Directory


System Source Directory


System Directory


System Drive


Temporary Directory


Web Images Directory


Partition VL-Web



To determine the actual directory the corresponding system variable refers to, check the Directories branch in the relevant LANSA System's Product Information, described in the Visual LANSA User Guide.

Special values

Web Images Directory resolves to:*ROOT_DIR + webserver\images\

Partition VL-Web resolves to:*PART_DIR + web\vl\