About this Guide

The LANSA Application Deployment Tool is used to deploy your finished applications from the Visual LANSA development system to a runtime environment on a PC.

This guide describes the many options and settings required to deploy a Visual LANSA application onto a target PC.

It is intended for use by developers or other staff experienced in the use of Visual LANSA and with knowledge of Windows operating systems.

You are also advised to become familiar with the terminology used in this guide. For this, refer to the Glossary.

The text in this guide is available while using the Deployment Tool by selecting the Contents command from the Help menu on the Deployment Tool's main window or by pressing F1 to invoke context help while using the software.

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Additional Information.

For the latest product information and updates, please refer to Product Support on the LANSA website.

If you are deploying an IBM i application, refer to the guide Deploying LANSA Applications on IBM i.