12.2 SuperServer Application using Built-In Functions to Connect to Server

In this scenario the database is installed on the server and the clients are installed as "fat" clients with the application DLLs installed locally.  Connection to the server is established using SuperServer Built-In Functions. 

Using SuperServer Built-In Functions is the recommended approach for establishing a connection to a remote system. This decision is made during the application development.

To support this scenario:

1.  The server portion of the deployed application will depend on the type of server used.

     For guidelines on setting up the server application, including the system variables, files (including message files) and their OAMs refer to, as applicable:

     12.3 SuperServer Application connecting to a Windows or Linux Server

     12.4 SuperServer Application connecting to an IBM i server

2.  Executables for the deployed application will be installed on each client including the application's forms, processes and functions.  Database accesses will be directed to the server.


Client Package

The client package can be based on template XCLTBIF.

The following Settings should be considered and reviewed:

Omit any unnecessary options to minimize the package size. Most of these options only need to be included in the initial package or after LANSA software upgrades have been applied and need to be deployed.

The following Options and details should also be considered and reviewed:

Note: The DBMS Type is typically set as NONE (that is, no local database).