17.4.14 XWAMAPP – WAM Application

Use this template to deploy a WAM-based application, including deployment to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server. This can be used to deploy your own application in the Cloud Tutorials.

Additional LANSA Features are selected for inclusion and are required when installing a WAM application:

The Package settings include:

In addition:

  • To use this template, add the following application objects using the Object Selector:
  • When you create the application default Communication files (lroute.dat and listen.dat) are generated.  To review or modify the Communication files select the application in the Deployment Tool application tree, and clicking the Communications Administrator icon in the toolbar.  The default settings use a Host Route with the System name LANSA (the same value applied by the template to the PSLU setting), Target LANSA and TCP Port as blank (default 4545).
  • After closing the Communications Administrator you will be prompted to rebuild any applications in the Application.