17.3 Import & Load Translations for Appropriate Language


How to do it

1. Receive translations back from the translator

The translator will return a tlfile.zip file or a group of tl*.txt files for processing and integration into the repository.

If zip file is received, unzip to extract the associated tl*.txt files.  Ensure the file TLSRCCE.txt is included with returned files (or use the original from the sent Version).

2. Load the translations

Select the Import Translations from the Tools ribbon to import the translations returned after translation work has been completed.

Enter the location of the tl*.txt files and the language of the translations to be loaded back into the LANSA internal database.

3. Verify translations loaded correctly

The translations will be loaded back into the active partition.

Check the object definitions to verify that translations for the selected language have been correctly loaded into the active partition.